Relaxation and SBI!

Pen In Hand

All good partnerships begin with two individuals or groups.
Ideally each partner supplies a complimentary expertise or value of service the other partner requires.
Both parties win in a symbiotic relationship such as this.
In my situation SBI! brought their web building expertise and I was able to express the vision I held for
The Relaxation World Network as a result.

But the real bonus was not only did I get to make my website a reality - I learnt how to make it myself in the process.
Previously I had thought you needed a degree in astrophysics....well, computer programming to achieve such a mind boggling feat.
But SBI! de-mystified the whole process taking things one step at a time.
This way you could literally pace yourself taking in the learning at whatever speed and time suited you.

In fact there's an even better symbiosis going on here.
SBI! advocate the Tortoise versus the Hare approach.
The Hare runs all over the place like a headless chicken whilst the tortoise takes his time.
The tortoise will win in the end because although he may seem slow he's focused on the end goal,
whilst the hare trips himself up both mentally & physically by rushing and rushing.
To this end SBI! advises you to take your time in the web building process in effect making the task a more rewarding and relaxing one.
Slow and steady wins the race everytime.

So what is this magic....this secret formula?.
The good news is it's neither magic nor a secret!.
Yet there is a formula....a winning formula.
To find out how, like me you can make your dream website the best it can be, just click the Solo Build It! image link below.

To quote a much cliched but valid expression : Go for it!.

Good luck with your dreams whatever they may be and march into the future with your head held high.

Michael Bermingham

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