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This website is dedicated to helping the mind reach a state of calm whilst identifying and dealing with its arch enemy: Stress.

I came across the idea of the Relaxation World Network one night whilst driving along a quiet country road in Ireland.
I had been working a very stressful job for almost 10 years and was coming to the end of my rope, in other words I was close to or had reached burnout - I couldn’t tell.

All I knew was that if I didn’t do something different soon, I’d either ‘Lose it’ completely or end up in an early grave.

I like most had trawled internet sites and web based communities but hadn’t found anything that could fill this void I was feeling.

Essentially unable to find a release, I came to the conclusion I could do something for myself and maybe help some other people along the way also.

I hope you have found the result enjoyable that will expand onwards to be a more inclusive community based experience.

In times of stress we all need a release

This is my mission statement abbreviated into nine words. It’s worth repeating ...

'In times of stress we all need a release'.

I hope this website....this place....offers some calm to you, in a lifestyle desert devoid of relaxation that we call the 21st century.

Michael Bermingham - 2009

Michael Bermingham

Thanks - Without Whom.....

Site Build It - Thank God for sending SBI my way, to help turn the vision in my head into a reality on the web.
Christina Bermingham - For making sure I got into this world and always having faith in me.
Maria Bermingham - For being my Wife and Sounding Board during this process and having to endure a daily diet of my - 'Vision'.
Hugh O'Regan - For without even knowing, being a Lifecoach when I most needed one.
Gillian & Martin Cowan - For opening my eyes to another way of thinking about life.
And not forgetting - For Inspiration and Guidance.
My Brother & Sisters, Ken Evoy & his team, Anthony Robbins, Bodo Schafer, Bill Harris,
Dr Michael Beckwith, Deepak Chopra, Gay Hendricks, Hale Dwoskin,
Jack Canfield, James Ray, James Redfield, Joe Vitale, John Asseraf,
Lisa Nichols, Masaru Emoto, Neale Donald Walsch, Rhonda Byrne.

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