All Mine by Grace Brennan (2008)

She watched him as he held her,

His large hands holding her tiny hands.

He was already besotted.

Concern and even a little jealousy touched her heart.

Would it always be like this,

Would this beauty take all his love?

Turning, he caught her gaze and smiled.

"I can't help it, I'm in love with her. She is so perfect".

Suddenly he was across the room.

She could smell his aftershave.

Love poured from him.

The downy head, the clutch of tiny fingers,

And that wonderful scent, that unique smell.

Their baby daughter bonded them together, forever.

"What will we call her"?.

Grace Brennan is the facilitator of a poetry circle named the 'Mullingar Scribblers', who meet weekly.
Grace wrote this piece touching on the miracle and wonder of birth and how it can strengthen the bonds of love between people.
Grace lives in Mullingar, Ireland.

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