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“Our self-image, strongly held, essentially determines what we become”. – Maxwell Maltz - American cosmetic surgeon and author who developed Psycho-Cybernetics.

Beautiful Face

The Body Beautiful

We all want to look and feel our best.
To this end a certain amount of body care is required.
Unfortunately, we’re not all blessed with healthy looking skin, hair and nails.
It has also been argued many of us are predisposed from birth to develop a certain body shape in life owing to inherited genetic factors.

This being the case, many opt for exercise to alter their bodies appearance and health.
Others go for artificial means like plastic surgery to enhance or reduce certain desired or undesired features they possess.

Whilst this really serves our self image and ego, many feel justified in supplementing what Mother Nature has given us with body care treatments.
And a growing number of males worldwide are also seeing the benefits that caring for ones appearance can provide.

In fact, the act of sitting back or lying back whilst a body care specialist enhances us can feel very relaxing and provide time for our minds to drift away in the process.
These are usually performed in a beauty salon or as a spa treatment by qualified professionals and whilst some over the counter treatments are available they can have mixed results.
Many hotels now have incorporated beauty and spa facilities to help those taking a break use these facilities and perhaps luxuriate in some body care whilst there.

What are the most popular forms of self-enhancement and body care?.

The Facial

Facial 01

A facial involves the care and appearance of one’s face and skin.

Methods used include:

Exfoliation – The removal of the old cells on the surface of the skin, a practice that goes back at least as far as the ancient Egyptians.
This process mainly concerns the face but many of us self-exfoliate the whole body with a loofah , bodyscrub or exfoliating soap whilst in the shower or bath .
Facial Masks – Creams and lotions using various extracts from fruits to minerals and vitamins are applied.
Their are two main uses for this - one is to clean out the pores and the second offers a fuller deep cleansing treatment both of which can help with the prevention of skin complaints such as Acne.
As a result, one feels rejuvenated and fresh following this treatment.
Extraction – Whereby blackheads and whiteheads, the result of Acne are removed.
Peels - This process uses a chemical solution applied to the face which causes the upper dermal cells to peel away leaving more youthful, textured skin underneath.
Harsher than a face mask treatment, this is best carried out by qualified professionals.

The Manicure

Manicure 01

A manicure involves the care and appearance of one’s hands and their fingernails.
From the Latin : manus which means hand and cura which means care.
This art is usually practiced by a manicurist or nail technician in a nail salon.

The Pedicure


A pedicure involves the care and appearance of one’s feet and their toenails. From the Latin : Pedis , which means the foot and cura which means care.
A pedicure can help prevent nail diseases and dead skin on the bottom of the feet is rubbed off using a pumice stone.
Another branch of this is Reflexology where a foot massage will help soothe the nerves throughout the body.
Both manicures and pedicures offer a relaxing, feeling-pampered experience, act as confidence boosters and both can help to strengthen and maintain nails.
Additionally both can aid in helping improve conditions such as broken, bitten, brittle and ingrown nails.

Massage Therapy

This is the process whereby a massage practitioner manipulates the skin on someone’s body for psychological, medicinal or relaxation reasons.
It can help ease pains, aches and stress whilst stimulating and toning the the body.
With at least thirty popular massage techniques in practice, this is a huge area in it’s own right owing to the fact it has been in practice since ancient times.

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