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I've seen these website builders that say you can have your website up in less than an hour.
What that means is you can have the bones of a website up in less than an hour.
What I mean by the bones are - the physical presence of a website, being somewhere in cyberspace with some kind of a template you'll need, so you can have a title on the website.

But, what about the content?.
You see, people think...."a website in an!....that's great!".
But the content is that thing on it's own that will absorb huge tracts of your time.
The most time consuming aspect of the whole process is researching, writing, uploading, checking the appearance of the webpage, revisions such as typo's, headline appearance, addition of graphics, photos, embedded video or audio, adding links to other pages inside or outside your site - and this is a huge time consuming process.

So, I go with the one page at a time philosophy.
And eventually, you'll have your pages uploaded to your satisfaction.

It's taken me months and months to do this.
It's first of all taken me months and months to understand the process of how to build an effective website.
Because, the website in a box options you may come across are limited enough.
Some, are limited by the fact they will only give you so many pages.

Don't get me wrong....they will put you on the internet.
But you'll be there with thousands of other hidden websites that nobody may ever find!.
You might be there but you won't get the 'click'.
You might as well be a needle in a haystack.
The most important thing is if you have the passion for what you're doing and you want to have your website, 'up there', you will want people to see that website.

Well, nobody is going to see that website if:
A - you're not registered with the search engines.
B - You don't use search engine optimization (hopefully within the first 20 ranking of a user search).
Very few people I know will go past the first three pages of any search results, if even that.
As an example - usually when you do a search in say Google - You could have 30/40/50 plus pages of results.
You're not going to look at 40 pages of results to find what you're looking for.
You'll probably re-enter a different term to see if you can find what you're looking for quickly.

So, I'm not a believer in 'quick fix solutions'.
I'm a believer in doing things slowly and properly.
The expression, 'More haste, less speed', comes to mind or - the faster you try to do something, the more likely you are to make mistakes, that make you take longer than it would had you planned it.

The company I deal with - SBI! (Solo Build It!), are right.
You have to deliver, no, over deliver high quality content. As high quality content as you can get.
Because, that's what people's what they're interested in.

And whatever subject it is you have a passion for - cover it in every last conceivable detail, until there's no more to cover.
Become a one stop shop for your particular subject, so, people don't need to go anywhere else.
You need to put your visitor in the mindframe of...."this is what i'm looking for"...."this is what I have been looking for" and "this website has everything I would ever require to know or understand about this subject I'm interested in".

The only thing is, to do that takes time.
Say, you're the type of person that wants just 1 page uploaded for your website - That's fine.
But what will you achieve in one page?.
It depends what you want.

When I initially started this process, I think I had a vision in my head of perhaps a gallery for photographs, some music uploads because music is my absolute passion and then a couple of pages about, 'why we should be relaxing'.
So, I don't think I ever saw it going beyond 10 pages say, and that would have seemed a lot to me.
Now I realise I could be heading towards 100 pages or more sooner than later.

Because there's so much, once you get involved in the process, that you realise you can be doing.
And, you can offer a really good quality product in this process that people will want to use.
In my case the vision was and is the Relaxation World Network because I think more people need to learn how to relax as we live in very stressful times. I very much needed it myself.

But if that product can deliver and if it helps even one person then it's job is have fullfilled your obligation - not only to yourself but to someone've 'passed it on'.
And I'm a great believer in passing it on, after all we're not here for a long time but for a short time.
Equally, no matter how much of anything you amass in your lifetime you can't take it with you to the grave when it's your turn to well - pass on.

Ultimately, it depends on what you want to do.
If what you want to do is have one or two pages about yourself and about your interests....that's fine.
But really, if that's what you want to do, you're probably better going to a social networking site like Facebook or others and using that as your forum to say, "this is who I am....this is what I'm about".

But if you're actually in the headspace where you have a passion for a particular subject and you think, "You know what....I would like to do this".
It's like a thesis....your thesis, your project.
And it grows!.

You know, it might seem unattainable, "this thing is too big"...."I couldn't do something like that"...."It will take too much time", but you don't have to do it all at once.
You can do it bit by bit.
You can leave it for a day or two and come back to it if you want.
Do it when you have the time to do it.

The funny thing is the more you get involved with your project, the more it tends to grow on you and the more you tend to achieve.
And so, you can achieve results and over the period of a year for instance, you'll achieve remarkable results, if you apply just a litle bit of your time each day.

Time is an issue with all of us.
We often feel we don't have enough time....for this or that or the other.
Really though, we have to make the time.

For me, in my case, I often do my best work when everybody's gone to bed, because I can think clearly without distraction and therefore I can achieve a lot more.
Whereas, during the day, because I work from a home office, that productivity level tends to drop because I'm in a situation where I'm there.
And because I'm there my Family need to reach me for different reasons, and that's fine too.
I chose to work from home for that exact reason, seeing so many lose out on time with their families, only living to reget that later in life.

So it depends on whether or not you can make that time since you do have to commit yourself to at least some aspect of your dream.

There was a great expression I read once that goes, 'if an idea comes into your head, don't give it a seat....put it to work'.
Another one I recall is, 'don't wait for your boat to come in....row out to meet it'.
A classic is, 'you can't plough a field by turning it over in your mind'.
Also, Albert Einstein famously said, 'Nothing happens until something moves'.

So all of those expressions illustrate the point that you actually have to do something to make something happen, otherwise it rolls around in your mind and goes no further.

A prime example of unfullfilled dreams.

So, don't let that happen....take a first step.

Michael Bermingham - 03/05/09

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