Thoughts Plus Feelings Equal Frequencies?

Pen in Hand

Having worked in Radio Broadcasting for over 25 years, the metaphors I use are from that disipline.
However their meaning and message are universal.
To get my point across I've written this is a slightly humorous fashion.

Consider the frequencies as radio channels.
Channels you are broadcasting to the world via your own transmission tower (the mind).
Just like a reflection or echo , the broadcasts are received back at source.

If you send positive you get positive.

If you send negative that's just what you get back.

What channels do we normally broadcast?.

Here were some of mine....

The Worry Channel -

Helping you to worry about:
The Future.
Since way back when!.

The Fear Channel -

Don't feel confident?
Don't like confrontation?
Afraid of your own shadow?
Afraid of failure?
Tune in and find out - you keep that fear well and truly alive in you!.

The Anger Channel -

People annoying you?.
Tune into to remember all those who've ever offended you or crossed your path and feel bad for a while, or all day!.

The Bad Feeling Channel -

The world is going to downhill fast and we'll help you feel powerless to do anything about it!.

The Negative Vibe Channel -

Don't feel positive? a knot in your stomach....tune in, because misery loves company!.

The Limitations Channel -

Trying hard but getting nowhere?.
You have limitations and this channel is only too happy to serve them up to you!.

The Past Channel -

Tune in to relive your past over and over.
Whilst in the process projecting it into the future,
instead of leaving it where it should the past!.

Time to update your Channel Package...

Let's see what channels we'd like....

Note: This new package is available to you, for you and by you as a free upgrade.

The Positivity Channel -

Tune in the wonderful feelings of positivity....
after just even 10 minutes of concentration we guarentee you'll feel better.
Note: The signal is liable to drift and you may have to re-tune several times until youget a permanently locked signal when you need it.

The Imagination Channel -

a.k.a The Daydream Channel.
You only get on this channel what you want to get.
Want a beach in Rio?'s right there.
Palm trees and rolling surf? problem.
Coconuts and cocktails?....fine!
An adventure Theme Park Ride?..sounds good!

The programming on this channel is only limited by the size of your imagination.
We all have Dreams for our lives and the future.
Make yours come true today by tuning in to this most excellent channel!

The Motivation Channel -

Get youself going by tuning in here and completing all those tasks you never thought would get done!.
If you can see it in your mind's eye your half way there already!.

The Wealth Channel -

Never feel poor again!.
Life is abundant with riches and their not always financial.
We're talking Love and Family here!.
Tune in and feel the wealth in your Soul and see it magically materialise in your life!

Can you think of some of your own channels?.


7th/8th of December 2008
13th of January 2009

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