Holidays in the Sun

The Benefit of Holidays

The gleam in your eye and your zest for life is need a holiday.

You're not feeling as productive as you did in work or at home. You're irritable more....You need to get away.

The psychological effect of just knowing your going You can recharge your brain just by changing your environment to a more positive one, allowing new thoughts and ideas to come flooding in since you're away from the normal constaints of the daily grind.

Two Boats on a Beach

You can kick the stress hormone Cortisol into touch by being in that different space and allowing your mind, brain and body the holiday it deserves.

If you have kids and bring them you will get some proper quality time to bond with them away from the stresses of everday life.

Choose a hoilday you know you can afford and that won't break the bank (or you), otherwise you'll end up with more stress(the very thing you were trying to get away from).

As long as you're happy......anyplace can be an exotic beach.

Not For Everyone?

Firstly it has to be said a holiday in the sun is not for everyone. Some people would rather a Ski break, a trip up a mountain,to see the sights of an ancient City or perhaps one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Many others though are Sun worshippers, especially when you live in a climate where hot days are far and few between.That's the point really - whatever kind of break you take; you will choose it because because it feels right for you.

Just try an ensure it also gives you the opportunity for some downtime to recharge your mental batteries.

The vision in my mind of ultimate relaxation has always been a quiet tropical unspoilt beach leading to a crystalline blue sea with the waves gently washing onto the shoreline under a clear blue sky. It's a vision I've held so strongly it formed the theme picture for the Relaxation World Network. Here is that picture!.

RWN Theme

So are these thoughts just the abstract fantasy of a daydreamer?. Thankfully no, there is a proven basis for embracing these ideals.

Benefits include ...

Here Comes The Sun!

There are natural feel good chemicals in our bodies called endorphins.These are controlled by our endocrine system and the warm glow of the sun helps in the release of these endorphins destressing our minds and relaxing our bodies.

Sun helps in the reversal of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)which is primarily caused by a lack of sunshine.
It also helps in the healing of the skin condition Psoriasis allowing dry skin to flake away and healing to start.

We usually think of vitamins as something found in foods or a convienient pill,but the sun is a main sorce of vitamin D and the release of this hormone boosts our immune systems as well as helping our bones, Joints and muscles remain strong.
A lack of vitamin D is a contributory factor to the development of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, thyroid problems and arthritis.

Waves Crash Ashore

A word of caution though - moderation in all things rings true. Overexposure is as bad as underexposure.
No one wants their holiday ruined by dreaded sunburn.

Millions of us get sunburnt each year, it can take only 15 minutes to occur and take days or weeks to heal.
Prolonged exposure overtime can lead to a variety of skin cancers via the suns Ultraviolet Radiation Rays(UVR).

But you don't need to become a 'Solarphobe' either. One who covers themselves from head to toe or won't venture anywhere near sunshine.
Staying in whilst the sun is at it's zenith, seeking shade if out, wearing a hat and using appropiate sun factor that has an SPF of at least 15 are all solutions.

So maintaining adequate vitamin D levels whilst avoiding prolonged exposure to the harmful effects of UVR is best.
Or to put it another way, somewhere between 'Solarphobe' and 'Sunworshipper' is the best ideal.

2008 Lanzarote Apartment Outside Veiw

Beyond the Sea

Many relaxation CD's I have bought always seem to feature one track with the sounds of Ocean Waves.This is because the almost hypnotic sound of waves (sometimes overlaid with relaxing music or Whalesong) is known to alter our thought patterns bringing about a state of relaxation or serenity in the mind.

The sea can be like your own private Health Spa and Seawater has many beneficial healing qualities.
The sea conatins both Potassium, Magnesium and salt which can aid in the healing of dermatitis, helping to seal the skin and aid in healing.
A dip in the sea helps our skin to remain supple whilst improving our appearance and has curative properties.

If we are not in a standing position and remain floating in the water blood is sent from our limbs to our abdomen close to our heart.
This is probably why so many people opt to live in or own a property close to the sea.It's calming influence and health benefits are an attractive combination.

I'm not saying we can all look like Ursula Andress stepping out of the Ocean in James Bonds 'Dr No' but we will feel revitalized and refreshed!.

Common sense dictates we should have at least basic proficency in swimming,not to go too far from shore and remain in view of friends should we become distressed and need help.

2008 Lanzarote Pedillo

Good Vibrations

Ahh..the smell of that healthy sea air filling your lungs!.
Well, sea air is charged with negative ions.Is that bad?. No. The opposite is true.
They balance the level of Seratonin our bodies produce. Also Seratonin is a chemical that plays a part in regulating our moods.They also increase our ability to absorb oxygen another revitalizing agent helping us feel more alive.

So unless you stay indoors you will feel both renewed and relaxed on your return from a holiday.

Lying on a beach whilst sipping a cold drink

This ones a bit indulgent but we all have our dreams....

Lounging away the day on a hammock/deckchair/sunlounger with your mp3 player on favorites, a good book and that cool drink.
When the going gets tough the tough get going and I'm off to the my minds eye at least.
That will have to do until the dream becomes a reality.

We're all different and we know what we like whether in your case that's a Soda, Juice, Ice Tea, Wine or Beer.
Now where is that sunscreen?

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