Relaxation for the Mind, Body and Soul

Welcome to the Relaxation World Network.

This website is dedicated to helping the mind reach a state of calm whilst identifying and dealing with its arch enemy: Stress.

Our aim is to achieve this using Advice, Exercise, Music, Video, Images, the Written Word and Products.

This concept would have been foreign to our ancestors where you lived, worked, died and basically that was your lot.

But in today’s society the concept is a very necessary one owing to the pressures of our modern lifestyles and where all that seems to matter is the bottom line.

We all feel stress at one time or another but when the scales tip in the wrong direction we can become overwhelmed and this is what this website was designed to overcome. It's time to tip those scales in a more favourable direction.

This website has been divided into a series of categories that we hope will best reflect the diverse nature of relaxation. Please click on any of the links that interest you and welcome to a new world that we hope you'll want to bookmark and re-visit .

Michael Bermingham

What's in a name?.

Relaxation - Relaxation is that which we seek to counter stress.

World - The world is the space we live in.

Network - The Network is You making this space a reality.

‘The best reflections are there when the wind, water and you are still’.

Table of Contents

What's New?
What's New?, is our relaxation blog and it's a great place to keep you up-to-date with additions and changes to the relaxation world Website. Subscribe here.
Relaxation Advice
What is relaxation?. We look at the different types of relaxation advice on offer, the benefits and what it means to different people.
Relaxation Exercise
Relaxation Exercise keeps our bodies in shape and we look at those that help the mind as well as the body.
Relaxation Meditation
Relaxation meditation can help you unwind, relax and reach the inner self. What are it's benefits and how do we meditate?.
Relaxation Yoga
Relaxation Yoga is a practice since ancient times to keep the body and mind in balance. We look at how important the practice is in todays world.
Relaxation Places
What are the real relaxation places or destinations?. We look at those which offer the most promise.
Relaxation Music
The Soothing qualities of relaxation Music take many forms.We preveiw some of the best cuts.
Relaxation Video
Relaxation Video looks at inspiring, lifechanging, moving and feelgood movies and documentaries listing our recommendations we feel deserve their place.
Relaxation Reading
Reading a good book is a great way to unwind losing yourself in the pages of the written word. We look at the benefits and make some suggestions for relaxation reading.
Relaxation Poetry
Poetry is one of the greatest literal forms of self expression. In relaxation poetry we explore some of of this themes compositions for your enjoyment.
Relaxation Thoughts
We are thinking beings, and in relaxation thoughts I've noted some of my own about life and the perception of it.
Relaxation and SBI!
How does a great partnership begin?. Find out When Relaxation and SBI! met, making a dream a reality.
Relaxation Gallery
Peaceful images can produce calm feelings.Our Relaxation Gallery is a melting pot for both amateur and professional photographic & artistic contributions.
Relaxation Products
There are a wide range of relaxation products on the market and we take a look at the benefits of the different types available.
About Us
The Relaxation World Network - About Us, Author, Disclaimer.
Contact Us
We hope you enjoyed your visit at the RWN. Why not contact us and let us know your thoughts.
Relaxation Places Recommendations
Relaxation places recommendations worldwide , where getting away from it all means just that.
Relaxation Music Recommendations
Plato once said, " a soul to the universe and wings to the mind". We look at some of those we feel are worthy contenders to be included as relaxation music recommendations.
Relaxation Video Recommendations
There are some movies that can change our perceptions on life. We look at some of those we feel are worthy of this title and list our own relaxation video recommendations for your consideration.
Relaxation Reading Recommendations
Reading a good book is a great way to unwind losing yourself in the pages of the written word. Our relaxation reading recommendations are listed here for your consideration.
Contribute to Relaxation
Would you like to share your knowledge about relaxation? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.