What's The Time - Maria Bourke (2006)

What's The Time?

It is time to SING
It is time to BE BEAUTIFUL
It is time to SHINE
It is time to SOAR
It is time to CREATE
It is time to CHANGE
It is time to BE PURE
It is time to INSPIRE
It is time to LIVE
It is time to BE ALIVE
It is time to EMBRACE LIFE
....It is time to BE HAPPY

"It is time ... When?"
NOW ... NOW is the time.
NOW ,,, NOW is the time to be.

Be alive,
Be beautiful,
Be pure,
Be everything you are,
...Be everything you are meant to be.

For infinity only one answer is universally correct -

"What's the time?"
It is NOW.
It is always NOW.
It is always NOW time.

NOW is the only time.

So too NOW is your time
NOW is your precious time
NOW is your precious time - to shine,
To live, to laugh, to create, to BE.


The Passenger - Maria Bourke (2006)

The Passenger

It Sits
Trapped uncomfortably
Below my ribs

Tingling my Teeth

Waiting to escape

But I cannot let it out

It retreats
But suddenly it jabs me
And makes me want to RUN AWAY

....to find a solitary place
To finally let this monster rear
It's ugly head

It visits more frequently now
Fed too easily by my reaction,
My intolerance and impatience
Of certain company.

My unwelcome passenger
Is a massive SCREAM -
The stem of frustration and anger
Now pressurized to explosive levels.

I need space

I need peace
I need calm.

I simply need
....to be.


Gardening At Home - Maria Bourke (2004)

Gardening At Home

Blessings from HeavenThey won't be long small
So try to be patient
When they're sad or they fall.

Remember you show them
Just how they could live
So be sure the example is good
That you give

Don't tell them to be patient
And thoughtful and kind
If your actions show them
These are last on your mind.

Show by your patience,
Your warmth and your love
That you're blessed just to have them
From God up above.

Remember you don't own them.
They were placed in your care.
But treat them with respect

Cherish and love them.
Forgive their mistakes.
A blind eye now and then
Is all that it takes!

In return you'll have kids
That are happy and true,
Full of self-confidence
Planted by you.

You are a gardener.
God gave you a seed.
Be concious in your caring to act well
And well reap.


The Gift Of Trees - Maria Bourke (2004)

The Gift Of Trees

"Look out - isn't that just marvellous"
A fellow student said to me.
I looked through the grubby window
But only saw a tree.
"Yeah, it's really wonderful"
Was my half sincere reply.
I didn't want to hurt him,
He was such a lovely guy.

But through class that day the boredom
Was all too much for me to bear,
So I glimpsed this tree quite often
And soon began to stare.

What strength, what majestic beauty,
New leaves shimmering in sunshine.
The branches enjoyed the gentle breeze
And swayed a waltz so fine.

When French class was long over
All I remembered was that tree.
With eyes shut tight this moment
I can see it bend with glee.

From that day on, my view was changed -
All trees became a wonder.
A reminder of lives that flourish
Through rain, sunshine or thunder.

Take time today to sit and stare
At the beauty of a tree.
Watch the way the branches move around
And behave so elequently.

Feel the strength of bow, the flex of bark,
The giddiness of branches.
See the leaves that flirt with puffs of air.
Admire the many dances.

For this awe of trees inside of me
Has enriched my very soul.
Journeys are never boring -
Trees bedeck the paths I roam.

Open your eyes to this very day
And see a tree anew.
For the gift of trees I received
I'd like to give to you.

Maria Bourke was a valuable member of the Mullingar Scribblers writing group and writes constantly about life and the world around her.

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