The Companionship of Pets

People choose pets for many different reasons.
The main benefits are :

Company or Companionship.

A pet will help you feel better decreasing feelings of isolation or lonliness.
It doesn't even matter what the pet is as long as it's temprement compliments your own.
Basically the level of interest you have in your pet will dictate how good the relationship is.
The greater the relationship the greater the rewards.

Feel safer

A person can feel more at ease in their home if that pet is a dog.
Not knowing how vicious or dangerous a barking dog is usually deters potential intruders
who see that property as, 'not worth the hassle'.
There is also the fact that the bark itself will alert the homeowner (who could be sleeping)to the potential dangers and not just burglars.
Many lives have been saved where the animal has detected smoke or gas and alerted it's owner.

Labrador Pako


Pets give love unconditionally and as such we can grow very attached to them.
They accept you as who you are, wont hold a grudge or bring up arguments about past mistakes.


Taking daily exercise is of course hugely beneficial in many ways to our general health and walking a dog is a great reason to get out of the house.
You win and the dog wins.
There is also the fact whilst walking a dog you may create conversation with other dog walkers thus enlarging your social circle.
The act of feeding, grooming and caring for your pet also serves to keep one active.

Pet Therapy?

Pets have a therapeutic value also for those who are unwell.
As an example studies have shown that people who suffer a heart attack live longer if they return to a home that has a pet also living there.
Additionally a pet can provide you with an outward focus helping to reduce ones need to look inward and see personal problems.
The sense of touch also plays a part here.
Stroking or patting a dog or cat can reduce ones blood pressure levels and lift ones spirits.
Pets live in the moment and not in the past or the future and so can help us stay grounded.

White Cat


All pet owners have a duty of care to their animal ensuring shelter, food, water and health areprovided and maintained.
The responsibility in keeping a pet must be considered as it is a connection you will share for the life you spend with your animal.

The top pets in a recent survey were :

1. Dogs
2. Cats
3. Fish
4. Birds
5. Hamsters

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