Picking Blackberries by Phil Tierney (2008)

With Peggy we walked
Out by the Green and the Hall
Along by the priest's field
By the road near the chapel lake.

The briars thick and thorny
Lined the road on Pigeon's Brae
Black with lucious berries
Tasting of the long summer

I ate my fill and filled my can
Home with telltale blackened mouth
Presented the fruits of my labour
To praise from my mother

Blackberry tart a rare treat
precious ration sugar used
To sweeten my black crop
We had summer for tea

Phillip (phil) Tierney is a member of a poetry circle named the 'Mullingar Scribblers', who meet weekly.
Phil wrote this poem reminicing back to youthful days, a walk in the summer and WW2 rationing.
You can almost taste the lucious berries he talks about!.
Phil lives in Mullingar, Ireland.

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