Relaxation Advice

What is Relaxation?

When it comes to relaxation advice we will take a look at the health benefits, actions you can take and how stress plays it's part.

Relaxation is the polar opposite of both stress and tension, two things that we all have all felt or feel at one point or another. Its goal is the release of that stress to create calm in one’s mind or to quote a song title from The Eagles: a “Peaceful Easy Feeling”.

Leisure activities are one way to achieve this. Simply sitting quietly where you are unlikely to be disturbed and allowing your mind sufficient time to calm is another.

Many achieve this state through meditation or yoga and other activities.The main goal though is to get to a state of calmness and by doing so reduce stress,anxiety and tension levels.

Benefits include...

A more enhanced state of well being.

A decrease in muscle tension and regulated breathing.

A reduction in feelings of anger and anxiety.

Feeling better able to cope.

The lowering of blood pressure.

Increased levels of concentration.

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People have different ideas about what relaxation means to them.

Here are some of our site links which you may find useful ...

Be Happy.

Deep breathing exercises.

A holiday in the sun.

Listening to relaxing music.

Reading a good book.

Daydreaming yourself to a happy place.

Practicing Meditation.

Walking a nature trail.

Taking a power nap to switch off for a few minutes.

Enjoying beauty and spa treatments.

Gardening or enjoying the beauty of a garden.

Enjoying a Relaxing Drink.

Having a bath or hot shower.

Being around pet animals such as a dog or cat.

Ultimately because of the pace of our 21st century lifestyles, relaxation is that which is sought by many but found by few.

We will look at some of the root causes that prevent one becoming relaxed and seek to focus on those things we can do to change our outlook and hopefully our lives.

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