Relaxation Music Recommendations

Here in Relaxation Music Recommendations are are some of our suggestions as to what you could choose from in creating a relaxed athmosphere.
You may like some but are unlikely to like all. This is the beauty of choice.

CDs x 4

Music is of course purely subjective to the listener.
We all have our own tastes which today encompasses a huge range of categories for every concievable genre.

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We wish you happy listening.

Title - The Most Relaxing Classical Album in the World...Ever
Artist - Various
Category - Classical
Year - 1999
Label - Classics


The selection here offers a wide range of classical tastes from some of the greatest known and loved composers.
There are 36 gentle classical tracks and the pieces are chosen with relaxation in mind.
With artists such as Bach, Satie, Mozart, Debussy, Vivaldi and Beethoven to list but a few this is a 'must have' collection.

Title - Relax With Nature Vol.1
Artist - Natural Sounds
Category - Sound
Year - 2003
Label - New World


This set comprises 3 CD's, the first of which gives us the ever changing sound of cascading water over large flat rocks.
The second disc gives us the song of Dolphins & Whales, whilst the third has the sounds of Birdsong and Wildlife in a Rainforest.
Running times are close to an hour per disc and there are others available in the series.

Title - The Ambient Collection Vol.1.
Artist - Ibizarre
Category - Ambient/Chill
Year - 2001
Label - Warner
Audio CD Number - WSMCD025


This is a collection of instrumental tracks from L.Kraup A.K.A Lenny Ibizarre.
The music is inspired by the island of Ibiza which basks in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
From the opening strains we are immediately transported into a lazy drifting soundscape reminiscent of sunny skies and sandy beaches.
With track titles such as La Isla Blanca, Lazy Living and Float the intention to chill is pretty clear.

This is the first of a 5 cd collection on release by Mr Ibizarre

Title - Pieces in a Modern Style
Artist - William Orbit
Category - Classical/Ambient/Chill
Year - 2000
Label - WEA


Mr Orbit took the brave step to align himself with some of the most noted classical musicians of their era to produce this wonderfully relaxing but sometimes melancholy collection.
This could be viewed as experimental - classical purists will not take too kindly to hearing their cherished pieces delivered in synthesised form without the benefit of an actual orchestral presence.
However, it must be said for those seeking an introduction to classical music, this, for the pop generation might just be the perfect gateway.
Thus it is vey much a meeting of the old with the new.

Tracks featured include Adagio for Strings, Cavalleria Rusticana, and Pavane.

Title - Paint the Sky with Stars
Artist - Enya
Category - New Age
Year - 2002
Label - WEA


Pretty much anything released by Enya since 1998's 'Orinoco Flow' has been met with universal acclaim.
This greatest hits collection charts her best moments up to 2002.
It includes the aforementioned 'Orinoco Flow', as well as other hits 'Carribean Blue', 'Book of Days' and 'Anywhere is'.
The etheral qualities of Enya's multi-tracked voice in many places gives the overall sound a heavenly feel.

Title - Oxygene
Artist - Jean Michel Jarre
Category - Ambient
Year - 1976
Label - Polydor


Now available a a 30th anniversary edition this groundbreaking album led the way for most of the ambient/chill-out music that was to follow after.
Jean Michelle was a genuine pioneer of electronic music when it wasn't a popular medium.
Entirely and unapologetically synthesised, for Jean Michel it was more about the music than titles so each track receives a Oxygene part x number.
Their are 6 parts in all with the fourth being the commercially released single from the album back in the day.
A good choice too as it is a piece now recognised globally.
If you want to find out how relaxation music began in the modern era there is no better place than to start here.

Title - Deep Forest
Artist - Deep Forest
Category - World Music
Year - 1994
Label: - Sony


A unique album fusing tribal ethnic sounds with synthesisers.
It's an unusual mix that luckily works more than it does not.
But this is a once off as later albums concentrate on different genres most notably folk and lullabys.
Includes the brilliant, 'Forest Hymn'.

Title - Sacred Spirit
Artist - Chants and Dances of Native Americans
Category - World Music
Year - 1995
Label - Virgin


From the opening drums and chanting, the music of native american indians in this overlooked genre gets the 'enigma' like production treatment but it works beautifully.
You feel transported back to another place and time upon listening to the haunting and soulful chanting that is sometimes sad or happy depending on the track.
The commercially released single was 'Wishes of Happiness and Prosperity (Yeha-Noha)' and that introduced many western ears to something previously heard only in documentaries or wild west movies.

Title - Buddhist Chants & Peace Music
Artist - Various
Category - World Music
Year - 2000
Label - Music Collection International Ltd


The spirit of Tibet is evoked strongly here creating an inspiring and enlightening experience.
It must be noted that there is the presence of light background keyboards which in reality would not be present.
However, this was probably a production decision to make the chants as accesible to a western market as possible.
The overall feeling though is one of peace and tranquility.

Title - Voyage
Artist - Monte Cristo
Category - Ambient/Chill
Year - 2007
Label - Loriana


This CD of French electronic music uses the Bio Music 6 in 1 process which claims to rebalance frequencies helping to enhance the well-being of people, animals and plants as well as the biotic quality of the environment (air & water).
To it's credit all of these effects have been tested in the laboratories of the noted Dr Masaru Emoto.
However, it is music CD of downtempo electronica, so, depending on your forte, this may or may not be for you.

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