Relaxation Music

Relaxation Music

Plato the great Greek philosopher once said, " a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything."

Relaxation music is often referred to as New Age, Ambient or Chillout.
But in reality many other styles lend themselves to this ideal.
The point is that this category of music should enhance feelings of positivity, inspiration and relaxation.


It should also create an atmosphere of peace from the home to the car to ones workspace or any other environment one wishes to induce a state of calm in.

Many people who practice the techniques of yoga or meditation will use it as an aid to achieve the desired mind /body balance they are aiming for.

Relaxing music is now used to even calm crying babies and there are numerous cd's on the market to cater for this.

Ultimately if you can find the right relaxation music for you and it creates feelings of calm and tranquility then it has fullfilled it's promise.

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Can Sound Heal?

The healing properties of sound have been known for many millennia.
Every part of the human body – organs, bones and cells produce their own frequency.
When added together they produce a composite frequency that determines our ‘vibration’.
If that vibration is out of sync or harmony then the body is affected creating a negative state of wellbeing.
Those who practice ‘sound healing’ use the frequencies of sound waves to bring a persons mind and body back into harmony.

Operations such as those to remove kidney and gallstones often use sound waves to break up these into minute particles that can then pass out of the body harmlessly.

Additionally it is well known that positive alterations in brainwave activity can have a beneficial effect in reducing ones breathing and by association a reduced heart rate and the lowering of blood pressure.

It can also be shown that the feelgood factor certain music produces can help those who suffer from anxiety and depression and induce a good night rest.

A Little Bit of History

Music has often been described as having the ability to ‘soothe the savage beast’, and this is for good reason.
In olden times music was not as readily available as it is now.
It was often only played by travelling musicians who would go from town to town playing for their keep.
Because it was rarely heard people would seize on the opportunity to do so when the chance arose.
The musician would usually have a range of compositions to perform that would delight audiences and have their feet tapping or hands clapping in time.
Later came the advent of the Orchestra with more complex compositions and arrangements that enthralled the audiences they played to.

A Giant Leap

The evolution of music took huge strides owing to two developments.
One was Radio and the other the invention of the Phonograph.
In this age a person could sit in his or her armchair and listen to music from all over the world, a feat that would have been considered a nonsense but a century earlier.
Today, everywhere we turn we can hear it in all its many forms on Radio, T.V, Adverts, Jingles, MP3 players, Online and is generally just a click away.
Music can now either be soothing or savage, soft or loud, calm or exciting with every conceivable genre catered for.

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