Relaxation Places

Relaxation places are any locations on this planet where you will find a sense of peace and calm for the senses, for the body and mind.....
and come away feeling refreshed and renewed.

It may also be....

Where you go for the breathtaking scenery.

where you go to rest and recuperate.

where you go to re-energize a tired mind.

Where you take part in guided meditation or yoga.

Ultimately, any place we feel relaxed is a relaxation place.
That could be a favourire chair, sofa or bed.

Maybe a stroll in a local park, nature trail or sitting on a bench watching the world go by.

Closing your eyes, taking a power nap, Drifting off in a daydream....
These too are relaxation places.

Relaxation Destinations.

We've listed but a few here but there are lots more and I'm sure you have a few of your own favourites.

Some Relaxation Places Recommendations 2005-Egypt-by-Arthur-Lattimore-01

"Far From The Madding Crowd"

'Getting away from it all', is an often heard phrase used when we're in need of a break or holiday.

But then the question arises, where do you, 'get away from it all' to?.

A sun holiday is usually the most popular choice.

But if that holiday is in an apartment dense resort, with thousands of others all vying for the sunloungers, deckchairs and a spot at the beach or by the pool, that available space will be pretty crowded and so will your mind.

Is that, getting away from it all?. Or is that just going from one place full of people (Home), to another place full of people (the Resort)?.

Palm Overlooking Beach

Fair enough, not everybody likes the solitude of a quieter location and the resorts wouln't make much money if they did.
Some people like a bit of both - Chilled out days and Party nights.

But there is a growing trend toward a different type of getaway with more and more people opting for Villa rentals and out of town Hotels.

There is also age to consider...Younger people will tend to want to follow the crowd and party 'till late, whereas the older we become, the less likely this would be the case.

But despite this argument it doesn't matter what age you are, if you need a bit of peace and quiet....then need a bit of peace and quiet.
And not all sun holidays have to be in choked resorts.

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