Relaxation Products

There are a wide range of relaxation products on the market today to cater for all tastes and needs.

There are Aromatherapy products like bath salts and cubes to scented candles, soaps, oils and pot pourri targetting our sense of smell.

Other products fall into technical categories such as back supporting mattresses to aid in a restful nights sleep.
Recliner armchairs will put you at your most ease whilst reading, watching T.V or just resting.

Then there are those products that stimulate the mind such as colour changing lights to create ambience in a room and devices like the proteus mindlab

Here we look at some of these products and what each type hopes to achieve.
We hope you find this information useful.


4 x coloured candles

The light of the candles can be alluring and relaxing to watch whilst creating a sense of warmth, peace and calm.
If those candles are also scented they also can takes us to many places in our minds depending on the aroma.
As an aid to relaxation amost any candle will do creating a unique point of focus.
Almost everyone has a candle in their home in case of a power cut, and if you don’t have one, your local store should carry a varied selection both scented and unscented.

Water Fountains

A Water fountain is a feature you can incorporate into your garden that will create at once a calming influence both visually and emotionally.

It is the perfect tranquil haven to sit beside and take a break if only for a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

Fountains can also positively influence a stressful environment, because the feng shui properties of the flowing or cascading water balances the chi or energy of it's immediate surroundings.

The addition of well placed lighting enhances it's use as a nightime feature also.

There are a hugh range available both indoor and outdoor from various hardware stores, gift retailers and garden centres.
The more adventurous can even make their own, so it really depends on what you want.

Here's one example featuring a robin who decided to use the fountain to have a bird bath!.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have been in use for many millenia and were associated with benevolent spirits and good luck.
Their main benefit is that the varied sounds produced can have a healing and restorative effect on both the mind and body.
This is because the positive sounds produced reduce anger and tension.

Feng Shui practitioners recommend using a windchime to balance the energies in the area they are placed, helping to attract good energy whilst warding off bad.
Wind chimes are brought alive by nature, are visually beautiful and create a sense of tranquility.

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