A Relaxing Bath !

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Removing the Stress of the Day

Hydrotheraphy has many definitions from it's use to treat disease and relieve body pain but is also used to achieve therapeutic benefits and aids relaxation.
This is why so many people enjoy the act of swimming as the feeling of immersion in water brings us in contact with one of life's great elemental forces.

On the domestic front, we don't all have access to a nearby swimming pool, lake or seashore, so what better way to bridge the divide with a relaxing bath.
A long soak can help us at least temporarily forget our cares as we relax in the warmth and peaceful athmosphere a bath can provide.
A few things are necessary to ensure that this is the case.

Make sure you can optimise what should be a peaceful experience by requesting you are not interrupted.
Try and have the bathroom itself in a warm condition as hopping across freezing tiles will not do much to inspire relaxation as you make your way to the bath.

Coloured Candles You could choose to light one or two tea candles to help you create a welcoming athmosphere for your relaxing bath. (But be mindful of potential fire hazards if taking this step!)
Whilst soaking use a favourite scented soap that will help you relax as you wash.
You can also indulge the senses by using some classic essentail oils such as Cedarwood or Jasmine.
Treat yourself to either a glass of wine or cool iced soda to add to the experience.

Note: Your body temperature increases if the water is too hot so aim for a comfortable level.
Give your mind time to relax as unwinding in this way helps put worries into perspective.
Allow yourself to driftaway to sun kissed exotic beaches or whatever your equivalent of paradise is.
This will truly help to recharge your mental batteries.

Imagine all your cares flowing from you into the surrounding water and disapearing down the plughole when you finish your bath.

Tap 2 Milk and Honey?

In ancient times royal figures such as Cleopatra would bathe in milk and honey.
Whilst this may seem a little over the top it was known that milk would act as a mild exfoliant whilst the honey would act as a moisturizer.
So, without having to send for a milk truck to top up your bath, 1 cup of milk and a half cup of honey will equally do the trick.

Shower Head Bath Vs Shower?

A shower can invigorate the senses as unlike a bath you experience the rush of water across your body as you scrub yourself clean.
But a relaxing bath can be a more calming way of cleansing the body.
However, some feel a shower is preferable to a bath as the daily grime washes away from you instantly whilst in a bath all you are doing is lying in that grime.

The Solution?
You could take a quick shower beforehand so as to truly enjoy the bath experience without having to feel you are just soaking in a pool of washed body residue.

Bath Taps The Water Conservation Debate

With water droughts becoming commonplace in many areas around the world, conserving water has become an increasingly important issue.
Whilst we all wish to stay fresh and clean here are some intersting facts to note.

The average bath uses from 100 to 200 litres of water with the average being around 140.

Power showers can use more water than a bath in less than 5 minutes depending on output.
Wheras an older non powered showerhead would use around 80 litres of water over a four minute period.
Modern standard versions dispense 20 to 60 litres of water per minute.

If you have a showerhead fixed over your bath instead of a dedicated cubicle you could try plugging the water outlet and taking a shower noting how much the bath has filled in the process.
If the amount of water used is less than you would use taking a bath you might consider taking a shower instead of a bath to conserve water.

Advisory :

Unless professionally installed, do not use electical items in the bathroom as water is one of the best conductors of mains current which can be fatal.

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