A Relaxing Drink

Water Glasses

Is it relaxing or refreshing?.

I guess it depends. It has been said for instance, a cup of tea is a relaxing drink that can ease the mind whilst also reviving the senses.That being the case it's a bit of both.

Water is number one - but, depending on what survey you look at, it is argued the following are all the most popular refreshments in the world.

Soft Drinks.

The popularity of each of the drinks listed varies from region to region worldwide.
Nonetheless all are hugely popular in their own right.
Let's take a look at the benefits of each relaxing drink and what makes them special.

Water Glass


Othewise known as H2O, water should be tasteless, colourless and odorless.
And yet without it all life would cease.
Indeed none of the other drinks listed here would be possible either.
Water makes up half of a persons body weight and the average person consumes much more water than any other type of drink available.
This is because a person’s body loses, during an average day in a temperate climate, approximately 2.5 litres of water.
This can be through the lungs as water vapor, through the skin as sweat, or through the kidneys as urine.
In hotter climates, whilst exercising or working this amount increases so it is vital to keep oneself hydrated.



It is said the practice of tea drinking began in China some 4500 years ago.
Tea comes from the plant - Cameillia sinesis and it's is grown all over the world.
The top producers are China, India, East Africa and SriLanka.
Each region is noted for unique flavours and types of tea, the difference being in how the leaves are grown and processed.
The most popular varieties are black, green, oolong and white tea.

Both green and black tea's have been studied for their health benefits in combating a number of diseases.
One Japanese study found that green tea lowers death rates from heart disease.
Herbal tea's are made with an infusion of leaves, flowers, fruits, herbs and contain no Cameillia sinesis.

Remember tea conatins caffeine but decaffinated versions are available, but whether it's hot tea, cold tea or iced tea it is a drink enjoyed by millions the world over.
Truly a relaxing drink then.



Coffee, originally Kaffa, was named after areas of southwest Ethiopia where the properties of the plant were first discovered.
It was as far back as the 6th century the at coffee was first cultivated and was later introduced by traders to Cairo and Mecca.
It was here the first coffee houses sprang up where it become popular because of it's stimulating effects.

There are many claims made about the good and bad properties drinking coffee can produce.
However most of the press is good, citing the drinks ability to reduce the possibility of developing Parkinsons Disease, Colon Cancer, Liver Cirrhosis and Gallstones.

There are two basic kinds of coffee trees: arabica and robusta (canephora).
About three quarters of world production of coffee is based on arabica (Coffee arabica).
The most popular types of coffee are Turkish, Espresso, Glace, Americano, Capuchino, Latte, Mocco and Irish.

Glass of Beer


A 2007 survey by AC Nielson, a company that undertakes marketing analsis internationally cited beer as the most popular beverage followed by soft drinks and wine.
The reason for this has been the opening of formerly restricted markets in China and Russia where salesof beer have soared.

Beers is available in two forms - as either an ale or a lager and is brewed by fermenting a starch (such as barley or wheat) and steeping it in liquid infused with hops.

Wine Pour


Historically, wine dates back to around 6000 b.c in the areas of Georgia and Iran.
The drink is produced by the fermentation of grapes and is available in white, rose and red.
There are a huge range of varieties available with the most popular being Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir.

Soft Drink

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are usually carbonated, sugar based and should not contain alcohol (otherwise, they are known as alcopops).
Known by different names the world over the most common are pop, soda pop, fizzy drinks, soft drinks, cola's and tonic's.

The major criticisms levelled against drinks of this type are that they can produce teeth cavities, have no nutritional value and are little more than sugared water.
The only benefits cited are the sweet taste, the flavour, the sugar rush produced in the body and the fact they quench thirst....
....but then again, so does water.

Your View

A relaxing drink or refreshing drink, that which quenches our thirst and lifts our spirits.
We all have our own idea's regarding what type we like best.
Ultimately, the idea of what constitutes a relaxing drink will mean different things to different people and at different times.

There are many other types of drinks we have not covered here, the value of which is significent to those who like them.
We concentarted on those that are the most popular choices in the world.

When it comes to relaxing, what is your favorite drink?
Please use our form below and share your thoughts.


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Naturally, where alcoholic drinks are concerned, caution must be advised, owing to the well known consequences that excessive consumption can cause.

Never drink whilst driving or operating any machinery.

Never abuse alcohol.

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